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Institutional Project

ICAR-National Research center on seed spices has following internal (institute funded projects) as well externally funded projects:

List of Ongoing Institute Projects 2020-21:

S.No. Projects Name
Conservation characterization and utilization of genetic resources in seed spices
1. CI/19.1.1: Management of plant genetic resources of seed spices: (PI: R.S. Meena; Co-PI: S.N. Saxena, S.S. Meena, A.K.Verma and N.K. Meena; 2019-24)
Genetic improvement of seed spices for improving productivity, quality and tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses
2. CI/15.2.3: Identification of molecular marker associated with stem gall in coriander: (PI: S. Choudhary, Co-PI: R.D. Meena: 2015-21)
3. CI/16.2.1: Breeding for dwarfism and Ramularia blight resistance/tolerance in fennel: (PI: R.S. Meena; Co-PI: R. D. Meena, S. Choudhary, N. K. Meena, S.N.Sexana; 2016-21)
4 . CI/16.2.2: Breeding for yield and quality in celery: (PI: R. S. Meena; Co-PI: S. Choudhary, N. K. Meena, A. K. Verma, R. D. Meena, Ravi Y. (on study leave); 2016-21)
5. CI/18.2.1: Genetic improvement of cumin for higher yield and wilt resistance: (PI: A.K. Verma; Co-PIs: Y.K. Sharma: 2018-22)
6. CI/18.2.2: Screening of fennel and cumin genotypes for salinity stress : (PI: S.N. Saxena; Co-PIs: Ravi Y. (on study leave), O.P. Aishwath, R.S. Meena and Vasundhara sharma, 2018-21)
7. CI/18.2.3:Transcriptome-based mining of genes and pathways related to disease (Ramularia blight) and quality (secondary metabolites) in fennel: (PI: S. Choudhary: Co-PIs: A.K. Verma, and M.B.N. Naika: 2018-21)
8. CI/20.2.1: Breeding for high yield and quality in ajwain (Trachyspermum ammi L.) and nigella (Nigella sativa L.): (PI: S.S. Meena: Co-PIs: Y.K. Sharma, M.D. Meena, N. Chaudhary and N.K. Meena; 2020-25)
Development and refinement of efficient crop production technologies of seed spices
9. CPd/16.3.2: Standardization of two tier system of production technology in seed spices with vine vegetables using bower: (PI: R. Singh; Co-PI: G. Lal, K. Kant and R.D. Meena; 2016-21)
10. CPd/17.3.1: Bioprospecting multitrait bacteria with abiotic stress tolerance from cumin and coriander soil: (PI: B.K. Mishra: 2017-21)
11. CPd/17.3.2: Nutrient requirement of minor seed spices (Celery and Ajwain) and their management: (PI: O P Aishwath; Co-PI: S.N. Saxena and R. Singh 2017-22)
12. CPd/17.3.3: Surveying major growing area of cumin and coriander for soil parameters: (PI: O.P. Aishwath; Co-PI: M.K. Vishal (on study leave), M.D. Meena, Ravi Y., Narendra Choudhry and Chetan Kumar Jangid; 2017-22)
13. CPD/18.3.1: Seed spices based cropping system for sustainable livelihood security: (PI:Narendra Choudhary; Co-PIs:R. Singh, M.D. Meena and Shiv Lal; 2018-23)
14. CPD/20.3.1: Biopriming in seed spices (coriander, cumin, fennel and ajwain) for enhanced seedling growth and yield: (PI: B.K. Mishra: Co-PIs: S.N. Saxena, Y.K. Sharma and Krishan Kant; 2020-23)
15. CPD/20.3.2: Resiliency assessment of minor seed spices (Ajwain, Nigella and Celery) to edapho-climatic stresses for sustained production: PI: O.P. Aishwath: Co-PIs: Shiv Lal, Vasundhara Sharma and Chetan Kumar Jangid; 2020-25)
Development and refinement of efficient crop protection technologies for production of safe seed spices
16. CPt/17.4.1: Epidemiology and management of root rot disease of ajwain and nigella: (PI: Y.K. Sharma; Co-PI: K. Kant, 2017-21)
17. CPt/17.4.2: Bioefficacy of new molecules of fungicides for the management of Alternaria blight disease of cumin and fenugreek: (PI: Y.K. Sharma; 2017-21)
18. CPt/17.4.3: Biological management of Alternaria blight in cumin (Cuminum cyminum): (PI: R.D. Meena; Co-PI: B.K. Mishra, 2017-21)
19. CPt/17.4.4: Development of IPM modules to combat aphids and thrips in coriander and cumin : (PI:N. K. Meena; Co-PI: Ravindra Singh, M.D. Meena : 2017-21)
20. CPt/19.4.1: Survey and surveillance of seed spices diseases: (PI: R.D. Meena; Co-PI: Y.K. Sharma, M.D. Meena and Narendra Chaudhary; 2019-24)
21. CPt/20.4.1: Studied of new botanical formulations on insect-pest management in seed spices: PI: Krishan Kant: Co-PIs: B.K. Mishra and S.R. Meena; 2020-23)
22. CPt/20.4.2: Development of IPM strategies to combat pests complex of fenugreek: PI: N.K. Meena: Co-PIs: Krishan Kant, Shiv Lal and S.R. Meena; 2020-24)
Development and refinement of post-harvest handling, processing and value addition techniques in seed spices
23. BS/18.5.1: Development of value chain for fennel: (PI:ShivLal; Co-PIs: G. Lal, S.N. Saxena and B.K. Mishra, 2018-23)
24. BS/19.5.1: Plant extracts analysis of seed spices for bioactive phytochemicals and its utilization in developing health promoting Nutraceutical products: (PI: S.N. Saxena; Co-PI: B.K. Mishra and Shiv Lal; 2019-22)
25. BS/20.5.1: Development of process technologies for seed spice waste based fortified products for product diversification: PI: Shiv Lal: Co-PIs: S.N. Saxena, O.P. Aishwath and B.K. Mishra; 2020-25)
Improving knowledge and skill of stakeholders for improving productivity of seed spices
26. SS/20.6.1: Marketing and value addition analysis of major seed spices: (PI: M.D. Meena: Co-PIs: B.K. Mishra, Krishna Kant and S.S. Meena; 2020-2023)