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Monday, 30 January 2023 17:36 PM


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As per the ‘ICAR Guidelines for Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer/ Commercialization’ an Institute Technology Management Unit (ITMU; short title for Intellectual Property Management and Technology Transfer Commercialization Unit at Institute level IPM&TTU) for management of its IP/ Deemed IP and transfer/commercialization of technologies has been constituted for pursuing all IP protection, maintenance and transfer/commercialization related matters at the institute level as per these guidelines and any other administrative or policy decisions taken in the ICAR from time to time. This will seek any specific, case-to-case basis advice/assistance from the Zonal Agro-Technology Management Centres (ZTMCs) at the zonal level.

Contact Person: Dr. O.P. Aishwath, Principal Scientist

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ICAR-NRCSS technologies commercialised through MoU nrcss
Innovative technologies in seed spices for commercialization nrcss